Papersmiths Purchases

Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting Papersmiths at Boxpark. We had tickets for the World Championship Athletics at the Olympic stadium and had just enough time to nip down to Boxpark before we needed to make our way over to the Olympic Park. I’m super glad we did!

It’s a lovely pink tiled space with shelves on both sides. The look and feel of it is exactly as you see on their Instagram and markets their brand SO well. I just love consistency of design, it is so joyful.

I bought a blue Nähe general purpose case for carrying around a small drawing kit whilst “on the go”. I wouldn’t say I’m an “on the go” type of person to be honest more “piddle about a bit” but that doesn’t sound as good.

Two limited edition Blackwing pencils, the Lake Tahoe and the Green Jade ones and a Pearl to replace the one I STUPIDLY lent to a student. I should know better.

A green Artline fineliner. Just to see what it’s like.

And a dark pink Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Progresso pencil which is woodless. Yep. You read that right, woodless! No wood, at all. They were all lined up in jars of the same colour and they looked so good. Also I picked it up and the weight of it was lovely. Do you do that? Pick up a pen or a pencil and the weight of it just feels so good in your hand and you have an instant reaction? An audible “ooh!”. I love that!

I treat Blackwings like a collectors item. I just have to try them and line them all up together. I’m such a sucker for well designed objects. I do like these though, both are a good hardness for me. I particularly like the Lake Tahoe one, it’s slight ridges feel nice when you hold it.

The fine liner is good but nothing overly special as fine liners go. Sorry Artline fine liner, I feel bad! It looks good though.

And finally the Progresso pencil… Now, I like soft soft colouring pencils that give a great variance of opacity from dark and opaque to light and slightly transparent. This one is exactly that! I definitely recommend this lovely if you dig colouring with pencils. I like graphic markers but i’m going to experiment a bit more and use these.

I was pretty restrained to be honest. There was so much more in there I could have bought.

Have you been to Papersmiths? What did you buy?