2016 – an organised year


Bob & Uncle 2016 Calendar

Look at our awesome new calendar for 2016! No going to the “Calendar Club” for us! Or grabbing the last Where’s Wally in Waterstones. Oh no, for we snapped up this beauty at Renegade in London back at the beginning of November. Our eyes(!?) met across a crowded ex-brewery being used for a massive craft market and I knew it had to be mine.

 Bob and Uncle Calendar

Planning, I believe, is the secret to success. Boring I know but I’m not a fan of spontaneity and work is so crazy busy if I want to remember anything or get anything done I have to organise it in advance. Much like this blog! This way I can’t miss the important events, they’re colour coded! (I love coloured stickers!) and it looks so damn cool!

Bob and Uncle Calendar
Go check out the Bob & Uncle Etsy shop. You can still get yourself a calendar.

well, hello pushkins!


This week my work and my voice was published in our local paper, the Ipswich Star. Not the sound of my voice, I answered some questions about running a small craft business and art education and because of this press coverage I thought i’d give it another go at writing a blog. I used to be quite good at it, ok reasonable at it and I really want to get back into it. So here goes nothing!

The picture above was used in the article but i’m not featured in it, just my work. The lovely looking lady in the background is the fabulous Boo, go check out her instagram @trulyboo

I’d also like to shout out @intwosandthrees and @luluhorsfield for inspiring me to get blogging again.