If in Doubt, Make Anything

I’m trying to follow my own advice at the moment because I am definitely going through a stage of not being able to create. At least to the extent of not finding the creative flow very natural at the minute. I find it really difficult because it’s not that I don’t want to create, I’m desperate to use my free time to be creative but when I get down to it I just can’t seem to put pen to paper. This makes me feel really quite rubbish.

So I am taking my own advice and just trying to do something, anything, to see what happens. Putting brush to paper, practising brush lettering, going through old sketchbooks and playing with different materials. The results are below….. Do they remind you of anything? That might help me develop them further!

Watercolour Pattern

Playing around with some watercolours and colour palettes.


I picked up a couple of postcards of slices of Quartz crystal under the microscope when I went to the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge a few months ago.

I just started copying the shapes to create a random pattern. I rather liked it too!


I printed out a bunch of images from the net of different crystal slices under the microscope.


They look like really random shapes that you could just draw but copying form something that actually exists always seems to work far better than trying to make it up yourself. That just never looks right.


I tried messing around with the Heidi Swapp Minc Toner Pen (it’s been discontinued now which I wonder is because they are bringing out an improved version as I really don’t rate this one). If you photocopy an image you can then adhere foil to it using a laminator. I have the Heidi Swapp Minc¬†which has different heat settings. I use textile foil which I use for foiling onto fabric with a textile glue but you can buy foil specially to use with the Minc.


This was created with the toner pen too but as block shapes instead of outlines like before. I do like the effect so I hope they do bring out a better version of the Heidi Swapp Minc Toner Pen.

I’ve been messing around with all these ideas and in the grand scheme of things that is just the process you have to go through before you hit on something that works. I think maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

Let me know what you think of my experiments in the comments below, I appreciate your input.

It’s been “a bit of a week” or “Instagrammers of Note”

It’s been a busy old week and a bit of a frustrating one as well but when it comes down to it as long as I get plenty of time at home, I can create whatever I want when I’m there and I’ve got my loved ones around me I’m pretty satisfied.

With that in mind, while I’m lolling about at home, and pretty much anywhere I’m chilling, you’ll find me scrolling Instagram. It is so easy to get obsessed with this image filled app. So as I’ve had “a bit of a week” I’m sharing with you my favourite Instagrammers, because it’s pretty straightforward to blog about and because these are the visual delights that perk me up when the day is just not “the one”.

Present and Correct

@presentandcorrect – for beautiful stationery, especially the vintage stuff!

A Beautiful Mess

@abeautifulmess – just glorious photos of all kinds, fashion, interiors, art, crafts etc etc

And Smile Studio

@andsmilestudio – always loved Viktorija’s posts but more so now she’s posting videos of her illustration process and gouache painting.

Like Meddings

@lizemeddings – love Lize’s¬†illustrations, especially the colour combinations.

Amanda Arneill

@amandaarneill – probably my favourite instagrammer who posts hand drawn type. Just perfect.

Camille Walala

@camillewalala – oh the patterns and the colours!!


@intwosandthrees yes she is my friend, but I love her instagram account for the great way she displays her work.

Let me know in the comments any instagram accounts you think I’ll like!