Studio Calico Planner Kit Review

Studio Calico Pool Party Review

I finally gave in to my nagging inner voice and signed up to the Studio Calico Planner Kit a few months ago. I had been receiving the A Beautiful Mess  Messy Box for a year at that point and looked at Studio Calico because they distribute the Messy Box so I knew the products would be good quality.  I really like the idea of subscription boxes, they introduce you to new items and brands or fresh ways to use the products and are good value when you add up what you get.

I went for the Planner Kit because I am a bit of a control freak and find being organised stops me worrying about things as I feel more in control when it’s all laid out in front of me. I get a lot of patterned papers and cards in the Messy Box and the planner kit seemed to focus on stickers, inserts and embellishments that you can use to help organise yourself and your life!

This is what is in my latest planner kit for July, titled Pool Party. It takes about 11 days for it to get from the USA to the UK with economy shipping so it’s a little while before I get mine, but it’s worth the wait.

In this kit was:

  • Patterned Transparency
  • Color Theory Monthly Tab Stickers
  • 2 Rolls of Masking Tape
  • 2 Patterned Fold Over Clips
  • 2 x Attacher Stickers
  • 2 x Tab Stickers
  • 2 x Label Stickers
  • 2 x Phrase Stickers
  • 2 x Puffy Summer Icon Stickers

These fold over clips are great for marking pages, or holding them open when you’re trying to photograph them!

Studio Calico Pool Party Planner Kit

The Color Theory monthly tabs are bright and draw attention to the pages for each month in my Midori free diary making it easy to track back through the weeks.

The masking tape is great to “underline” an event or highlight a day that’s important.

Studio Calico Pool Party Planner Kit

I’ve used the Puffy icon stickers to embellish days and add an extra touch and when I’m recording occasions or days to remember in my notebook insert.

PoolPartyEdited - 3

I’ve used the Tab stickers to mark things I want to remember like jobs to do, ideas or things I found that I want, like a wish list! This is sometimes a dangerous activity as it means you remember the things you like rather than just forgetting about them and saving your money!

Sadly sometimes I get things in my kit that are designed for a planner with ring binders and the Patterned transparency is one of these items, but I’m sure I can use it for something else and using items for new purposes is always interesting.

I haven’t made a big dent on this kit yet but I know a lot of the stickers are going to be really useful when my diary gets really busy in the academic year.

I hope this gives you an idea of what you get in a Studio Calico planner kit. Their next one is now live so go check that out on their website and i’ll review that one when it turns up! Next time I’ll show you the different Midori inserts I use in my Traveler’s Notebook.



New York Travel Journal 2016 – So Far – Part Two


Time for another update on my travel journal. It’s a slow process, I know, but it’s such an enjoyable one I wouldn’t want to rush it.

I am inserting these pages with my Social Print Studio prints in between the ones that I did while I was in New York and when I got back. How I do this, considering it is a ring bound book, is I carefully cut down from each punched hole to the edge of the paper and then, again carefully, ease the page out from between the rings. Then I can pop it in at any point I like!

The first thing I do is pick the prints I want to use and move them around the page to come up with an idea of the composition. I then look for which colours are in the prints or, in this case, look at the colours I’ve used on the opposite page. I’m really into patterns but I don’t want to overwhelm the small page so I chose a simple stripe to “journal” on and a beautiful turquoise pattern to go with the speech bubble style card I used on the opposite page.


I start by sorting out the patterned paper and how I want that to sit on the page. It’s all about what looks good to the eye really. I like layering (one of the reasons I love screen printing so much) so I like to pile things up a bit.

Next up is the washi tape, oh how I love you washi tape…. another opportunity to layer some things up! Some circle stickers, something which I have an abundance of, some phrase stickers from a previous A Beautiful Mess Messy Box and the “lucky” is a Heidi Swapp acetate word. Oh and a gold heart from the On Trend 2 collection by My Mind’s Eye.

IMG_8945 IMG_8944IMG_8943

And that, my friends, is it, for this page. Until next time…..

Travel Journal – Social Print Studio Prints

This week my order from Social Print Studio @socialps arrived. I’ve used them before to order small square cards to use as business cards so I knew I liked the quality and the style of their products. Despite being in the US and I’m in the UK, their delivery was very reasonably priced and super quick!

When I started my travel journal I knew I wanted to get some of the photos printed, I hadn’t done this for previous trips to New York and hadn’t actually had any digital photos printed in years. Which seems like such a shame as the only time you are reminded of those times is when you scroll through your photo library.

So a short blog post this week showing you the first spread I’ve done with my Social Print Studio photos in my travel journal.

Travel Journal Day One

These are the only photos I got printed of our first day in New York, the day we arrived. They are of a very wet and cold Times Square and the lobby of our hotel, which is always super busy. I took it to show Chris how crazy the hotel is.

I went for a blue card from an A Beautiful Mess Messy Box for the background as I felt that illustrated the cold and rain quite well and the white and blue spotty card that I’ve used down the sides was meant to illustrate the rain. I also included my own painted and patterned paper to really add to that rainy feel.

I included some red accents to reflect the red chairs in Times Square and to add some cheeriness to an otherwise cold looking layout. The Washi tape I’ve had for so long I can’t even remember where it’s from but the red pennant/ribbon embellishment is also from a Messy Box and finally the silver lines and dots are from The Range. I bought the lettering in Paper Presentation in New York and they are Skinny cardstock letters by Doodlebug Design.

It’s a quite simple layout, I found my stash of stickers and things were actually surprisingly limited when it came to finding appropriate embellishments and patterned papers for this layout but we’ll see how the next page goes. The pink tape is where I removed a blank page from the back of the book and inserted it earlier in the book. I’m going to change that pink tape for a more appropriate colour!

On to the next page!

New York Travel Journal 2016 – So Far – Part One


Today’s post is going to be photos of my travel journal so far. It’s still in progress, as you will see and I need to add in the photos I took which I’ve just ordered from Social PS. I’ll show you those when they arrive and when they have made it into the journal itself. I came up with a helpful way of adding in an extra page as I got a bit carried away and didn’t think about the photos needing to go in with the journalling, so hopefully when they come I can make it work. A lesson I’ve learnt for next time! I was just so excited about making it and I did some of the journalling while I was in New York so I didn’t forget the little things.

Onto the photos…


I started this page before I even left as I had a bit of passport panic before I went to bed. Definitely need to check my passport details are correct as well as everyone else’s!


I am loving that bright pink washi tape even more in this photo than I ever did when looking at the journal itself, it’s weird what a new perspective can do for you.


I added in the dashes just recently because I really liked that way of making marks and adding pattern and considering it was cold and raining when we got to New York I felt it was rather appropriate! Loving that little gold speech bubble in there. It’s a Heidi Swapp Minc label that I foiled with my choice of foil, it’s usually gold to be honest!


I’ve left a gap here for a photo but I don’t think it’s going to fit so I need to think of something else to go in that gap. You may have noticed I have a washi tape theme going for the titles. I really like that. I also used an Amy Tangerine donut embellishment from her Better Together collection and a 3×3 card and a phrase stamp from a A Beautiful Mess Messy Box. I’m still working on the neatness of my writing!



I like the mixture of different colours of text on this page. I used the back of the other page for cards and things I picked up, I like to use a fresh page per day but at the same time I feel it’s a waste to not use the back of the previous one so I started using that as I went through the book. I’ll put some of my photos on the other pages when they come. Another Amy Tangerine drink embellishment on the right hand page and a Heidi Swapp Minc chipboard piece on the right.


Apologies for the weird back box, I had to redact something to save incriminating someone! I love that gold chevron washi tape, so good. That came from Unwrap Colour, a fabulous Etsy shop. I have to avoid looking at it as I post that link as it fuels my washi tape obsession. I’ve used my usual favourites of Sakura America Gelly Roll pens and Pentel Touch Pens throughout my whole travel journal.


Next week I’ll show the other pages. This post was getting a bit long! I hope you like my pages, as it’s my first try I’m quite please but I’m still working on it now. I’ve really enjoyed documenting my trip though, I should definitely always do this to keep the memories.

Travel Journal Kit

I am in the very lucky position of going to New York on Monday as part of my job. It will be the third time I’ve been and I am as excited as the first time. Maybe even more so because now I know that it is as good as I originally imagined.

Previously I have kept little momentos like luggage tags with the airport code on, metro cards and of course I always take stacks of photographs but the memories start to fade and only seem to resurface when talking to the colleagues I went with before and reminiscing about the funny little moments that aren’t associated with an attraction or event.

So this time I have decided to keep a travel journal. I’ll still collect the momentos and more this time I imagine so I can stick them in my journal but this time I’ll be writing down this funny moments so they don’t disappear from my memory.

Keeping a travel journal will also let me indulge my love of stickers and collage and general, all round decoration. So this post is going to show you the pens and stickers I plan to take with me to record all the things that happen from Monday 14th – Saturday 19th March.

Here’s the “journal” I’ll be using. It’s a Paperchase A5 Kraft Scrapbook. I love brown paper as a background, it’s softer than white paper and using opaque coloured pens on it stands out and is more interesting than plain old black pens. It also means you can cut pages out of notebooks and things and they will still stand out against the brown paper.


Next up is pens. I’ve packed assorted Gelly Roll moonlight pens. You have seen these pens on this blog before because I really love them, super bright colours, oh man! I’ve also packed two sizes of neon Stabilo pens, fine liners and felt markers. Pentel Touch Liner pens for lettering. These are great for fancy brush lettering without the need for a brush and watercolour or the potential warping of paper from the dampness, I do hate when that happens. Lastly there’s a Kuretake Cocoiro, a Sakura Pigma Brush, both for a different style of brush lettering and a mechanical pencil from Paperchase (not available on their website sadly).


Pretty standard for me but I’ve taken out the Copic Markers I usually carry with me, some multiples and the ruler as I doubt I’ll need it and saving weight is so important when I plan to buy more pens in NYC!

Next up is stickers. I’ve gone for a lot of circle stickers and some stars, hearts, arrows and random shapes. I’m only taking one sheet of each though so save room and weight, it may sound like madness thinking about weight when it comes to stickers but every gram makes a difference I can tell you!


Here there are silver stars, pink hearts, letters and orange arrows from Paperchase. Coloured circles and red hearts from Tiger. The coloured rectangle stickers are from Sainsburys! I investigate all stationery aisles in case of finding treasures like these. The neon circles are from Ryman or Staples and the glittery dots are from The Range. Other than Paperchase these guys don’t appear to be on websites so go in and take a look. Let’s face it, if you like stationery that really won’t be too much of a chore!

Finally a small selection of Washi tape. As I’m writing this post I’m beginning to wonder if this is a little excessive. I’ll pack it all up and see how much space it takes and how heavy it is and I might have to cull some things. Aaah well, I’ll just have to find some supplies in NYC to use in my journal instead! For now I’m sticking with this little lot though.


I love the diagonal stripe pattern as you can see and out come the neon colours again. These are mostly MT Tape which you can find all over the place these days. I’ve found a nice selection in my local Waterstones. The neon red is by Kamoi and I bought the gold diagonal stipe from Unwrap Colour on Etsy, that is an awesome site! Just looking at it now to link it made me find more to buy. I admit it, My name’s Jess and I’m a stationeryaholic.

That’s all for now folks, hopefully I’ll be able to post some pics of my travel journal for you next Sunday.