DIY: Make your own printing block

You may have seen lots of painted patterned backgrounds in my recent Instagram posts of the collages I’ve been making. I love making surfaces to cut up and work with as well as patterned papers that I’ve bought. Today I’m going to show you one of the ways I make painted patterned surfaces for my collages.

Here’s what you’re going to need…

Printing Block Ingredients

A piece of corrugated cardboard

Neoprene sheet (normal or self adhesive)

Glue Gun (if normal neoprene)

Scissors or Craft Knife

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush


Cut your neoprene into whatever shape you want to print. It could be a repeat pattern or one shape, a positive image like mine or a negative image, or a single design that isn’t repeated. If you can cut it out of neoprene you can print it.

Printing Block

Glue it onto the corrugated cardboard or stick it you managed to get the self adhesive stuff.


Paint on your acrylic paint, it doesn’t dry too quickly so you’ve got time to paint it all. You could also use a paint roller or a foam roller if you have one.

Stamp it onto whatever surface you have got prepared and push down across the whole back of the printing block so the print is even. I’ve printed on a piece of cartridge paper. I usually print onto a painted surface I’ve already made.

Painted Patterned Paper

TA DA! You’ve made your printing block and printed your own pattern.

While doing this I found some Amy Tangerine Thickers (available here) I bought a few weeks ago. These are made of neoprene as well so I grabbed a cute heart design and stuck it onto some more corrugated cardboard. These are self adhesive too making things super easy.

Amy Tangerine Thickers Stamp

This time I used a Versacolor Chalk ink pad in Watermelon (available here) instead of acrylic paint. I then printed it onto a page I painted with yellow acrylic paint. It worked really well and gives a neater finish than the paint. You may notice there is a little smudge where the ink has gone on the cardboard and transferred to the page. Next time I’ll cut round the shape to avoid that and probably stick it to something so its got a sort of handle.

Amy Tangerine Thickers Stamp Print

I hope you liked this DIY, if you have a go yourself post your results to Instagram and tag #hellopushkin for me.