Printed and Patterned Collages

collagesAfter last week’s DIY printing block post I thought I’d show you some of the collages I make using the printed and painted papers I’ve made.

I do use pre-printed papers I’ve bought as well but when you make your own you have control over colours, materials, patterns and marks and even more so if you make your own printing block as well.

All the printed and painted papers used in the pictures here have surfaces I have created myself. In addition there is some yellow striped tracing paper which is sold as origami squares from Tiger, gold glittery dots from The Range, gold staples bought from A Beautiful Mess in a pack and some gold foiling. This is created using textile screen printing glue and foil which is bonded using heat (an iron or heat press) you can buy similar foil in The Range in an array of colours (sadly their website isn’t great for looking at products)



I like to put them together and try different compositions. I rarely mount these on anything, I like to keep them in a stack of treasures and play around with them, see which ones work together. I do these for fun but never see them turning into something to sell though I often wonder why that is. Any suggestions as to what they could be used for? Or how they could be a product?

collages .

I often post pictures of collages on Instagram so follow me there as @hello_pushkin for regular updates of all the things that inspire me, excite me and pictures of my work.