Designing A New Pin Badge

After having the great luck of winning a Made By Cooper competition to have 100 pins made in my own design I have had the added luck of selling them to people who like them as much as I do. It’s not often that exciting things like that happen. So now I’m hoping that other people will like my new idea and design too. Can you help me?

I read a great blog by Mail Chimp What’s In Store the other day about what happens if you don’t product test. You can read it here.

I think it can be easy to want to keep your ideas secret when there are big brands out there ready to steal them, reproduce them badly and make money off something they didn’t even have the creativity to think up for themselves. But how do I know if anybody likes my ideas or would buy them if I don’t check in with them first. So that is what I’m doing now.

This is my idea for a new pin, in three different colour ways. Please comment below and let me know which you like the best and if you’d buy a pin for collage lovers! Thank you, in advance! xxx

Collage 1

Design One


Design Two


Design Three

Custom Brush Lettering

I’ve been taking part in a monthly late night opening of Loveone in Ipswich on the last Friday of every month. The shop is where our I Make Fun Stuff concession is located as well as the Subterranean Arts gallery and TRAM vinyl record shop.

This month our friends at Applaud coffee shop next door also joined in and served red lentil, chickpea and chilli soup with homemade flatbread. You’ll see a picture of that further down.

For these events I’ve been offering my services in brush lettering. To be honest it really scares me as I feel a lot of pressure to get it perfect and I’m still a rookie at this technique but I have tried to start saying yes to things that put me out of my comfort zone.

Brush Lettering

A little warm up to help the flow of the brush and loosen up my hand and wrist. Now I think about it I should really do some warm up exercises before I start these sessions. I may be less likely to make mistakes! Which was a bit of a problem last night and spelling mistakes! Oops!

brush lettering

Here you can see the delicious soup and flatbread from Applaud and another practice piece of brush lettering. I got a few commissions last night and a few the first time I did it so I’m going to keep doing it, keep practising and I’ll give you an update from the next one. The theme is Cosy!!