Review – Zig Brush H20 Waterbrushes

I regularly mention my favourite pens and products on this blog and you’ve probably noticed the same things popping up over and over again in my pics. But so far I haven’t actually reviewed something and since I am using these Zig Brush H20 Waterbrushes  so much at the moment I thought I’d share with you why I like them.

IMG_8877  Zig BrusH20 WaterbrushI use these Zig Brush H20 Waterbrushes mainly for brush lettering, or brush script, call it what you will. I’d seen a couple of students at work using them but I’ll be honest I didn’t really buy into them, I was being a snob really and didn’t like that they were made of plastic and I thought they looked a bit cheap.

Then I got one in a Scrawlrbox and gave it a go. How wrong I had been! I should have known I would like the brush because I prefer synthetic bristles. I just find them much smoother than natural ones and I am all about the smooooooth, and that easy motion across the paper is just what you need when doing brush lettering.

Zig BrusH20 Waterbrush

So for a start, the bristles are great, they do get stained from the paint but they’re really easy to clean so it is just a stain rather than the bristles retaining colour and being tricky to clean up. They also don’t seem to degrade much, I’ve been using the green medium brush for months and haven’t noticed any obvious wear and tear.

Zig BrusH20 Waterbrush
Speaking of easy to clean, this is where these Zig Brush H20 waterbrushes come in to their own in terms of being super handy and the feature that gives them their name! You can fill the barrel with clean water and then you don’t need to keep a jam jar of water close to hand to rinse it off when changing colours. You just give it a squeeze and it drips water straight onto your palette. It also means you can clean it by just squeezing water out and rubbing the brush on a tissue or piece of kitchen towel.


To fill these little chaps up you just unscrew the barrel, dip it in water and squeeze to fill it up. Screw the brush end back on and away you go! These are great for working on the go, if you enjoy working at any given moment or if you’re a scrapbooker, you keep a journal or planner or you’re at school. college or uni.

I have the Zig Brush H20 Waterbrushes  in the Detailer, Medium and Large sizes. They also do a Broad version which I don’t have. All of them are great and I would recommend getting a variety of sizes if you can. I like choice and if you’ve seen the pictures of my pen collection you’ll know that already!

You can get them at KuretakeCult Pens, Tiger Pens, Jackson’s and a variety of other places, I’ve purchased things from all these places and would recommend them all so take your pick!

Travel Journal – Social Print Studio Prints

This week my order from Social Print Studio @socialps arrived. I’ve used them before to order small square cards to use as business cards so I knew I liked the quality and the style of their products. Despite being in the US and I’m in the UK, their delivery was very reasonably priced and super quick!

When I started my travel journal I knew I wanted to get some of the photos printed, I hadn’t done this for previous trips to New York and hadn’t actually had any digital photos printed in years. Which seems like such a shame as the only time you are reminded of those times is when you scroll through your photo library.

So a short blog post this week showing you the first spread I’ve done with my Social Print Studio photos in my travel journal.

Travel Journal Day One

These are the only photos I got printed of our first day in New York, the day we arrived. They are of a very wet and cold Times Square and the lobby of our hotel, which is always super busy. I took it to show Chris how crazy the hotel is.

I went for a blue card from an A Beautiful Mess Messy Box for the background as I felt that illustrated the cold and rain quite well and the white and blue spotty card that I’ve used down the sides was meant to illustrate the rain. I also included my own painted and patterned paper to really add to that rainy feel.

I included some red accents to reflect the red chairs in Times Square and to add some cheeriness to an otherwise cold looking layout. The Washi tape I’ve had for so long I can’t even remember where it’s from but the red pennant/ribbon embellishment is also from a Messy Box and finally the silver lines and dots are from The Range. I bought the lettering in Paper Presentation in New York and they are Skinny cardstock letters by Doodlebug Design.

It’s a quite simple layout, I found my stash of stickers and things were actually surprisingly limited when it came to finding appropriate embellishments and patterned papers for this layout but we’ll see how the next page goes. The pink tape is where I removed a blank page from the back of the book and inserted it earlier in the book. I’m going to change that pink tape for a more appropriate colour!

On to the next page!

New York Travel Journal 2016 – So Far – Part One


Today’s post is going to be photos of my travel journal so far. It’s still in progress, as you will see and I need to add in the photos I took which I’ve just ordered from Social PS. I’ll show you those when they arrive and when they have made it into the journal itself. I came up with a helpful way of adding in an extra page as I got a bit carried away and didn’t think about the photos needing to go in with the journalling, so hopefully when they come I can make it work. A lesson I’ve learnt for next time! I was just so excited about making it and I did some of the journalling while I was in New York so I didn’t forget the little things.

Onto the photos…


I started this page before I even left as I had a bit of passport panic before I went to bed. Definitely need to check my passport details are correct as well as everyone else’s!


I am loving that bright pink washi tape even more in this photo than I ever did when looking at the journal itself, it’s weird what a new perspective can do for you.


I added in the dashes just recently because I really liked that way of making marks and adding pattern and considering it was cold and raining when we got to New York I felt it was rather appropriate! Loving that little gold speech bubble in there. It’s a Heidi Swapp Minc label that I foiled with my choice of foil, it’s usually gold to be honest!


I’ve left a gap here for a photo but I don’t think it’s going to fit so I need to think of something else to go in that gap. You may have noticed I have a washi tape theme going for the titles. I really like that. I also used an Amy Tangerine donut embellishment from her Better Together collection and a 3×3 card and a phrase stamp from a A Beautiful Mess Messy Box. I’m still working on the neatness of my writing!



I like the mixture of different colours of text on this page. I used the back of the other page for cards and things I picked up, I like to use a fresh page per day but at the same time I feel it’s a waste to not use the back of the previous one so I started using that as I went through the book. I’ll put some of my photos on the other pages when they come. Another Amy Tangerine drink embellishment on the right hand page and a Heidi Swapp Minc chipboard piece on the right.


Apologies for the weird back box, I had to redact something to save incriminating someone! I love that gold chevron washi tape, so good. That came from Unwrap Colour, a fabulous Etsy shop. I have to avoid looking at it as I post that link as it fuels my washi tape obsession. I’ve used my usual favourites of Sakura America Gelly Roll pens and Pentel Touch Pens throughout my whole travel journal.


Next week I’ll show the other pages. This post was getting a bit long! I hope you like my pages, as it’s my first try I’m quite please but I’m still working on it now. I’ve really enjoyed documenting my trip though, I should definitely always do this to keep the memories.