New York City Trip 2016

View from the Top of the Rock

My travel journey is work in progress and as I’m rarely happy with anything the peeks may be a little but on hold for now. Check my instagram page if you’re interested in seeing some carefully edited images of pages I think I like.

So this week I’m showing you some photos from my recent trip and maybe some tips for my favourite spots in the great city that is The Big Apple. Where I work, we take a group of students to New York every year and have done for the last 13 years.

First up is our annual breakfast spot, it’s tradition, we have our breakfasts in the same place every year, I know that sounds a bit samey but it’s just what we do. Eisenberg’s  is a deli style sandwich shop which is classic New York. You’ll find in on 5th Ave on the left of the fabulous Flat Iron building.

Eisenberg's NYC


As always my eyes were bigger than my stomach! I do this on the first day every year. I’m tired and travel weary and I think I need all of the food to feel better, I don’t, but that big glass of orange juice definitely helps!

Nets vs 67ers 15.03.16

We got tickets to see the Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 67ers at the Barclays Center. That is one cool looking place I can tell you! We were quite high up as you can see but that didn’t matter, we still had a good view of the court. The constant entertainment from people dressed up for St Patrick’s Day firing t-shirts into the crowd and cheerleaders meant there was no chance to get bored. The Nets won by the way.

brooklyn subway floor

Awesome patterned floor in the subway in Brooklyn, had to get a photo of this. Geometric shapes! *heart eye emoji*


The next day we walked across the beauty. If you’re in New York I definitely recommend doing this walk. It doesn’t take very long but you get so many opportunities to take photos of Manhattan island and Brooklyn it’s really cool. Sadly our day was a bit grey, typically the next day was much nicer. I’d do that walk again and again.

New Balance Brooklyn

Speaking of walking this pic was taken by accident, you can tell, but i would definitely recommend wearing decent trainers if you’re planning to walk around a lot. The last 2 times I’ve been I’ve ended up with blisters. I wore these trainers every day this time and my feet were happy even by day 6!

Lombardi's Pizza

More food, this time from Lombardi’s Pizza. Another place we’ve frequented over the years. Huge pizzas and they are absolutely delicious too! You can half and half if you want to. I’ve never got as far as dessert so I can’t tell you how they are! Perched on high you have to eat beneath the tray and if you don’t manage the whole thing at once, they’ll wrap it in tin foil so you can finish it for breakfast. If you don’t go to Eisenberg’s again that is!

Goods for the Study

On the way back to the subway last night my colleague Darren spotted this little gem of a shop on Mulberry street. I pressed my nose against the window and could instantly see that this was a shop that was made for me. So we ventured back the next day to Goods for the Study and I was not wrong! This beautiful shop is on Mulberry Street, open from 12:00 noon, we were a little early so I got a cookie from City Bakery at the bottom of the street. It was worth the wait, full of unusual notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, pairs of scissors, erasers, staplers, paperweights, paper files etc etc, all displayed on gorgeous furniture, I want my house to look like this shop, except I don’t because I could never keep it that tidy.


After some retail therapy we headed for Katz’s Deli. Famous for *that* scene in When Harry Met Sally, this place is an experience I can tell you! Full of customers, shouting staff members telling you where to go, where to stand, take a ticket and not lose the ticket! Eeek! We went for waiter service which seemed like the least stressful option as otherwise you had to join a massive queue, do as you were told and sit wherever you could find a seat. If you like large amounts of meat between two slices of bread this is for you!

Empire State Building

Lastly, a view that is so New York you couldn’t mistake it for anywhere else….

I love New York and I’m so lucky to have been several times. I know how to plan my time and how my body reacts to travelling that distance on very little sleep (I never really sleep on the plane over) My tips for you are to pace yourself, sleep at night so you can start early in the morning to avoid the queues at the big attractions, eat lots but eat fruit too, my body needed fibre by day 5! And wear good shoes because you’ll want to walk all over the place.

Next week….. Stationery purchases of note!


Travel Journal Kit

I am in the very lucky position of going to New York on Monday as part of my job. It will be the third time I’ve been and I am as excited as the first time. Maybe even more so because now I know that it is as good as I originally imagined.

Previously I have kept little momentos like luggage tags with the airport code on, metro cards and of course I always take stacks of photographs but the memories start to fade and only seem to resurface when talking to the colleagues I went with before and reminiscing about the funny little moments that aren’t associated with an attraction or event.

So this time I have decided to keep a travel journal. I’ll still collect the momentos and more this time I imagine so I can stick them in my journal but this time I’ll be writing down this funny moments so they don’t disappear from my memory.

Keeping a travel journal will also let me indulge my love of stickers and collage and general, all round decoration. So this post is going to show you the pens and stickers I plan to take with me to record all the things that happen from Monday 14th – Saturday 19th March.

Here’s the “journal” I’ll be using. It’s a Paperchase A5 Kraft Scrapbook. I love brown paper as a background, it’s softer than white paper and using opaque coloured pens on it stands out and is more interesting than plain old black pens. It also means you can cut pages out of notebooks and things and they will still stand out against the brown paper.


Next up is pens. I’ve packed assorted Gelly Roll moonlight pens. You have seen these pens on this blog before because I really love them, super bright colours, oh man! I’ve also packed two sizes of neon Stabilo pens, fine liners and felt markers. Pentel Touch Liner pens for lettering. These are great for fancy brush lettering without the need for a brush and watercolour or the potential warping of paper from the dampness, I do hate when that happens. Lastly there’s a Kuretake Cocoiro, a Sakura Pigma Brush, both for a different style of brush lettering and a mechanical pencil from Paperchase (not available on their website sadly).


Pretty standard for me but I’ve taken out the Copic Markers I usually carry with me, some multiples and the ruler as I doubt I’ll need it and saving weight is so important when I plan to buy more pens in NYC!

Next up is stickers. I’ve gone for a lot of circle stickers and some stars, hearts, arrows and random shapes. I’m only taking one sheet of each though so save room and weight, it may sound like madness thinking about weight when it comes to stickers but every gram makes a difference I can tell you!


Here there are silver stars, pink hearts, letters and orange arrows from Paperchase. Coloured circles and red hearts from Tiger. The coloured rectangle stickers are from Sainsburys! I investigate all stationery aisles in case of finding treasures like these. The neon circles are from Ryman or Staples and the glittery dots are from The Range. Other than Paperchase these guys don’t appear to be on websites so go in and take a look. Let’s face it, if you like stationery that really won’t be too much of a chore!

Finally a small selection of Washi tape. As I’m writing this post I’m beginning to wonder if this is a little excessive. I’ll pack it all up and see how much space it takes and how heavy it is and I might have to cull some things. Aaah well, I’ll just have to find some supplies in NYC to use in my journal instead! For now I’m sticking with this little lot though.


I love the diagonal stripe pattern as you can see and out come the neon colours again. These are mostly MT Tape which you can find all over the place these days. I’ve found a nice selection in my local Waterstones. The neon red is by Kamoi and I bought the gold diagonal stipe from Unwrap Colour on Etsy, that is an awesome site! Just looking at it now to link it made me find more to buy. I admit it, My name’s Jess and I’m a stationeryaholic.

That’s all for now folks, hopefully I’ll be able to post some pics of my travel journal for you next Sunday.

Printed and Patterned Collages

collagesAfter last week’s DIY printing block post I thought I’d show you some of the collages I make using the printed and painted papers I’ve made.

I do use pre-printed papers I’ve bought as well but when you make your own you have control over colours, materials, patterns and marks and even more so if you make your own printing block as well.

All the printed and painted papers used in the pictures here have surfaces I have created myself. In addition there is some yellow striped tracing paper which is sold as origami squares from Tiger, gold glittery dots from The Range, gold staples bought from A Beautiful Mess in a pack and some gold foiling. This is created using textile screen printing glue and foil which is bonded using heat (an iron or heat press) you can buy similar foil in The Range in an array of colours (sadly their website isn’t great for looking at products)



I like to put them together and try different compositions. I rarely mount these on anything, I like to keep them in a stack of treasures and play around with them, see which ones work together. I do these for fun but never see them turning into something to sell though I often wonder why that is. Any suggestions as to what they could be used for? Or how they could be a product?

collages .

I often post pictures of collages on Instagram so follow me there as @hello_pushkin for regular updates of all the things that inspire me, excite me and pictures of my work.