Double Feature: Handmade Brooches

Here’s a little double feature, two blog posts for one, a special feature that will come up every now and again on a Sunday. Reminiscent of the old movie double features, two for one!

This week I’m giving you a sneak peak into my brooch drawer, which is full of handmade brooches and pins. Yep, I said brooch drawer. I love jewellery, particularly brooches and necklaces and if they’re handmade or from an independent maker all the better!

So here’s my top 10 (I had thought 5 but that wasn’t possible)

Handmade Brooches and Pins


1. Bourbon Biscuit by Nikki McWilliams 2. Sausage Bunny enamel pic by YoyoTheRiceCorpse      3. Grumpy Cat by TrulyBoo 4. Balloon Brooch by Lucie Ellen 5. Furry Curly Cat by Hello Pushkin 6. Craft is in my Blood Brooch by AndSmileStudio 7. Little Factory Brooch by I Am Acrylic 8. J Initial Brooch by House of Ismay 9. Handprinted Cat Brooch by Emma Carlisle 10. Enamel Kitty Pin by Hello Harriet

Which is your favourite?

Do you have a favourite brooch from an independent maker?

Staying Positive

Generally I’m a really positive and optimistic person, sometimes almost to foolish levels, always thinking that things will improve even when evidence could be pointing to the opposite.


However sometimes it’s not easy to be constantly perky and I’m happiest just staying at home with Chris and our cat Milly and not seeing much of the world. That’s ok but it’s important to remember the little things that happen that are good.
To do that I’ve recently made a point of writing a short sentence in my A Beautiful Mess Academic Planner (similar) that’s a good thing that happened that day. As you can see it is often something as simple as using some gold foil! Luckily I’m easily pleased.  

2016 – an organised year


Bob & Uncle 2016 Calendar

Look at our awesome new calendar for 2016! No going to the “Calendar Club” for us! Or grabbing the last Where’s Wally in Waterstones. Oh no, for we snapped up this beauty at Renegade in London back at the beginning of November. Our eyes(!?) met across a crowded ex-brewery being used for a massive craft market and I knew it had to be mine.

 Bob and Uncle Calendar

Planning, I believe, is the secret to success. Boring I know but I’m not a fan of spontaneity and work is so crazy busy if I want to remember anything or get anything done I have to organise it in advance. Much like this blog! This way I can’t miss the important events, they’re colour coded! (I love coloured stickers!) and it looks so damn cool!

Bob and Uncle Calendar
Go check out the Bob & Uncle Etsy shop. You can still get yourself a calendar.